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The beginnings


The Beginnings – How did it all start?

“It takes a village to raise a child.” (West African Proverb)

The journey from an independent individual to motherhood can be enriching, exciting and full of fun moments but often is also challenging, difficult and most importantly isolating. Especially for families that have moved away from their comfort zone of a social network or live far from their relatives and thus lack the support of ‘a village’ to provide advice, share the care and divide the responsibilities. Based on the principles of trust, sharing, friendship and collective consciousness, MamAmigas was founded in the summer of 2009 as a basis for the creation of networks and co-operatives to support mothers in the early stages of urban childrearing.

Through weekly meet-ups, gatherings, events and workshops (see our section on ‘Events’ in this website), MamAmigas not only provides emotional support but creates solid friendships that are so important to an overall sense of well-being and ease the challenges of childrearing through the exchange of experiences, suggestions, advice and the ‘sharing’ of our children. Today, with over 70 members, the MamAmigas ‘project’ keeps growing and changing and learning from all the fantastic women that are part of this process and, for many, has become the ‘village’ we had all been seeking