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After nearly 4 years of funny, inspiring, informative mails circulating in the Super Sagrada MamAmigas google group it seems a shame to waste all that wisdom! So, until we are able to extract and rehouse the information, we’re going to keep the google group as our forum.

To use it, you simply need to have joined MamAmigas (ie have personally met someone in the group and been added to the mailing list) and create a google account. It is really clearly explained and takes no more than 10 minutes.(*instructions below!)

You can access the group by going to Google (sign in with your normal email address) then go to groups (drops down under ‘more’ **) and it will appear. Once there you can use the search to see if there’s info on whatever you’re looking for, eg dentists, baby wearing, organic veg boxes.

In fact, we highly recommend you set up a google account anyway, that way you’ll also be able to change your settings whenever you want, for instance if you don’t want to receive all the emails.

How do you want to read this group?

I will read this group on the web
Get a summary of new activity each day
Get up to 25 full new messages bundled into a single email
Send each message to me as it arrives


*Instructions to set up a google account:

if you click on the red link above, you’ll see a Super Sagrada MamAmigas banner for google groups, and below being told you have to be a member you can click on “Register in Google Groups”. The next page asks you to log in, or to create an account (blue button, left of screen) From there on in it’s plain sailing – you don’t need a gmail address, you can use your usual one.

**Can’t find the groups bit?  In a new tab Click here to see a screenshot of where to find it