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MamAmigas Singalong


No longer on, sadly,

But if you fancy something like this there is a free one at the Civic Centre Sandaru, near la Cuitadella.

MamAmigas Singalong

Children’s nursery rhymes and songs in English (or whatever other language you are brave enough to teach the group!!). A safe, pleasant place to spend an afternoon, develop musical “abilities”, and a chance to have a chat (at the end, please!) and meet other parents.

The activity is cost price, which means that all the parents share the room hire between them, which is usually 2€ each per session. There is no “teacher”, but there is a well worn song book and some confident Singalong veterans willing to lead the music.


5 September 2012 thru 19 December 2012 (12 sessions)

Price: 2€ per family each session*

Pay as you go

Dates: Wednesdays 17:30 – 18:30

Where: Espai Antoni Miró Peris (EAMP)

Plaza Carme Monturiol 10

08026 Barcelona

Tel. 93 450 70 13

(corner of Dega Bahi and Calle de la Nacio)

in the smaller room


*Maintenance Fee of 3€ per family per trimester could be charged if treasury funds become low.


Happy singing,

Cristine Rawicz-Twarog

Treasurer – singalong of Mamamigas


Feel free to tell or bring friends who aren’t on the mailing list, and bring ganas to belt out some children’s classics, dance and look a bit silly…go on, it’s for the children  ;-)    And if that wasn’t a good enough reason to come along, have a read of this article Singing to Children May Help the Development of Language Skills